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Reliable Environmental Home Inspector Columbia SC

When you have been living in a home for years, it becomes essential to hire a home inspector to conduct environmental inspection in your property. Environmental home inspector Columbia SC services are designed to offer you peace of mind so you can live in your property without any stress or doubts. Our environmental home inspector SC Columbia services will not only determine any potential environmental issues with your property but also offer the best recommendations and possible solutions.

Complete Package of Environmental Home Inspection in Columbia, SC

Our complete package of environmental inspection covers all you and your property need. Whether you want to understand the facts about the mold in your home, well water issues in your property or you simply want to get termite and lead paint inspection in your residence, we are here to help you by providing our services. Our package covers:

Mold Inspection

We get to the root of mold infestation in your space. We pinpoint the areas which are infected with mound and help you by offering suggestions on how to remove mold from infected areas. We offer useful recommendations on mold control and prevention in your space

Well Water Testing

If you have a well in your residential property, it is important to get water testing every now and then. Well water is the main location of many germs and harmful chemicals. Getting a timely well water testing is important to check the quality of the water as well as to avoid any possible risks which are associated with the water in your residence. Our water testing home inspection Columbia SC services are a great option to test your well water and get suitable recommendations.

Lead Paint Testing

It is important to test the paint used in your property. Our home inspector lead paint testing services are designed for your peace of mind. Lead is one of the leading causes of many diseases in homeowners. We are here to help you in lead testing in your space by providing home inspector Columbia SC. You will enjoy the peace of mind by implementing suitable preventive measures in your space.

Termite Inspection/ CL-100 Letter

Termites are a nightmare of every homeowner. In order to control termite infestation, termite inspection is important. Our certified environmental home inspector services in Columbia South Carolina are the best way to locate termite infestation and get recommendations on how to get rid of it. Our home inspector services will preserve the value of your property and ensure you’re your home is safe from future termite infestation  

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